Q How can I confirm that I am a company that can hire foreigners with specific skills?

For specific acceptable organizations (employed companies), contact the ministry or agency of each industry, or the industry association or public interest corporation1.Caregiver field Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
2.Building cleaning field National Building Maintenance Association
3.Forming material industry / Industrial machine manufacturing industry / Electric / electronic information related industrial fields Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
6.Construction field Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
7.Shipbuilding / Marine industry Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
8.Automotive maintenance field Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
9.Aviation field Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
10.Accommodation field MLIT Tourism Agency
11.Agriculture field Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
12.Fisheries sector Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Fisheries Agency
13.Food and beverage manufacturing industry Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
14.Restaurant industry  Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Fisheries Agency
※Foreigners hired with a specific skill visa are required to have full-time employment directly by the employer (company), but for 11 and 12, employment at a temporary agency is permitted.

Q Are there any problems with your work due to differences in language or culture for foreigners?

Those who wish to come to Japan or work are those who have successfully completed training as technical intern trainees in Japan for three years previously, or those with similar skills who have passed the skill test and Japanese language test (N4 level) designated by the country. It will be the target.
It is for foreigners who can be considered to be able to do basic Japanese work, so you can expect it to be an immediate force.
On the other hand, although some advanced knowledge will be educated after joining the company, we will support you with language problems.

Q Is communication between foreigners and the company or employees okay?

In our experience, many of the international workers coming to Japan are expected to work in Japan to support their own families.
Therefore, compared with the young domestic workers of recent years, they are willing to make continuous efforts to create a smooth work environment.
Basically, I have one body, and I have no relatives in Japan.
Therefore, by responding to so-called lost past Japanese management and family management, it is expected that they will further improve their abilities.
In addition to Japan, there is a shortage of human resources in developed countries around the world.
Although foreigners who want to work can apply in any country, we would like you to think that they are people who like Japan and are motivated to choose Japan and study advanced Japanese. I will.

Please refer to the following for preparations for accepting workers.

Q Foreigners carry large debts in their home countries and come to work in Japan.I often hear in the media about issues such as disappearance if there is a problem with repayment. Can you work with peace of mind?

With this specific skill visa, it is strictly prohibited to collect fees from foreign job seekers.
In addition, we will tie up with a local introduction company that can comply with such laws, and we will also comply with the laws.
It is also stipulated that foreign workers are paid the same salary as Japanese workers in the same workplace.
We hope that employers will understand this and help build good labor-management relations.

Q Why are you recommending Filipinos?

The following nine countries have signed a bilateral agreement and are issued specific skill visas. (As of January, 2019)
Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, Mongolia

・Of these, the Philippines started the proficiency test first.
This is one of the countries where the Philippines state is most active in dispatching workers overseas, and the overseas labor offices of each country support the domestic workers who work abroad and work overseas through interviews with employers. We support our own workers.
・Employees who are fluent in English can be secured (school education is conducted in English)
This gives you the opportunity to exchange English-Japanese language with employees who want to master English.
(Please visit our Facebook-Language Exchange Group once)
・It is close to Japan and has three LCCs operating from Kansai International Airport, which makes it cheap to fly (easy to return to Japan)
・The population of the Philippines exceeded 100 million in 2015, and the average age of the people is 24.3, with many young people.
On the other hand, industrialization has been delayed, Chinese goods have overflowed in the country, and there is an absolute shortage of domestic employment.
・American culture has taken root, and in addition, there are many large families, valuing parents and siblings who are close to Japan in Sazae’s days

For Foreign Job seekers

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