Processing fees for foreign job seekers
ContentBilling costUmnit
1. Job Seeker’s processing Fee (Domestic)Two months of total monthly payment (basic salary + fixed allowances) Per person
2-A. Job Seeker’s processing Fee (in overseas)
*if the job seeker is resident in Japan (excluding Filipinos)
130,000 Japanese Yen (added with 1) Per person
*excluding: one way flight ticket, PCR inspections before flight*actual expense
2-B. Job Seeker’s processing Fee (in overseas)
* if the job seeker is resident in Japan
65,000 Japanese Yen (added with 1) Per person

Includes visa application fee, labor insurance, orientation before leave Philippines.

Support costs (when outsourced to us)

ContentBilling cost    Umnit
Support plan preparation assistance20,000 Japanese YenPer company
1)Advance guidance10,000 Japanese YenPer time
2)Airport transfer20,000 Japanese YenPer time
3)Contract support necessary for securing housing and living10,000 Japanese YenPer time
4)Life orientation (8H)30,000 Japanese YenPer time
5)Accompanying public procedures10,000 Japanese YenPer time
6)Providing Japanese learning opportunities free
8)Promotion of exchange with Japanese free
9)Job change support (for personnel reduction) free
Interpreter service 20,000 Japanese Yenper day
Visa renewal fee100,000 Japanese YenPer person

When entrusting all of the above (excluding same employment location, simultaneous entry, monthly support fee)

For one person 100,000 Japanese Yen
Two people 110,000 Japanese Yen

As the number of people increases by one, only the individual advance guidance fee will be added.

Monthly support fee

7)Consultation and response to complaints1 month per person     5,000 Japanese Yen
10)Regular interviewEvery 3 months / per person 10,000 Japanese Yen

Transportation costs will be charged separately for the above support costs, monthly support costs, and other costs.  
※If the hired employee retires within 3 months due to personal reasons or employment violation, half of the referral fee will be refunded or a substitute person will be introduced free of charge.

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