List of 12 specialized industries and occupations

The target occupations are limited to only 12 industries where the recruitment of job offers is not satisfied only by Japanese.
Careful support from a third party organization, etc. will be imposed on No. 1 foreign workers in consideration of the impact on national life.

The following 12 types of specific skills (industrial fields) are specified.

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Field (industry)Expected acceptance number (* 1)Ministries by jurisdictionEmployment statusWork to engage
1Care60,000Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareDirectly・ Physical care (bathing, meals, excretion assistance, etc., depending on the physical and mental conditions of the user), as well as supporting tasks (execution of recreation, assistance for functional training, etc.)
(Note) Not applicable to visiting services
[1 test category]
2Building cleaning 37,000Directly・ Cleaning inside the building
[1 test category]
3Casting material industry21,500Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryDirectly・ Casting, forging, die casting, metal stamping, welding
・ Factory sheet metal, plating, aluminum anodizing treatment
・ Finishing, machining, machine inspection, machine maintenance, painting
(13 test categories)
4Industrial machine manufacturing5,250Directly・ Casting, forging, die casting, machining, metal stamping
・ Painting, ironwork, factory sheet metal, plating, finishing, machine inspection
・ Machine maintenance, industrial packaging, electronic equipment assembly, electrical equipment assembly
・ Welding ・ Printed wiring board manufacturing ・ Plastic molding
(18 test categories)
5Electrical / electronic information related industries4,700Directly・ Machining, metal stamping, factory sheet metal, plating
・ Finishing ・ Machine maintenance ・ Industrial packaging ・ Electronic device assembly
・ Electronic equipment assembly ・ Electric equipment assembly ・ Painting ・ Welding
・ Printed wiring board manufacturing ・ Plastic molding
(13 test categories)
6Construction industry40,000Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismDirectly・ Formwork construction ・ Plaster plastering ・ Concrete pumping ・ Tunnel propulsion
・ Earthwork, roofing, telecommunications, rebar construction, construction machinery construction
・ Interior finish / covering
(11 test categories)
7Shipbuilding / Marine industry13,000Directly・ Welding ・ Finishing ・ Painting ・ Machining ・ Ironworking
・ Electrical equipment assembly
[6 test categories]
8Car maintenance industry7,000Directly・ Vehicle daily inspection maintenance, regular inspection maintenance, disassembly maintenance
[1 test category]
9Aviation industry2,200Directly・ Airport ground handling (ground driving support, baggage / freight handling, etc.)
・ Aircraft maintenance (maintenance work such as aircraft and equipment)
[2 test categories]
10Accommodation industry22,000Directly・ Front desk, planning / public relations, customer service,
Provision of accommodation services such as restaurant services
[1 test category]
11Agriculture36,500Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesDirectly
Can be dispatched
・ General cultivation agriculture (cultivation management, collection / shipment / selection of agricultural products, etc.)
・ Livestock farming in general (feeding management, collection / shipment / selection of livestock products, etc.)
[2 test categories]
Can be dispatched
・ Fishing (manufacturing / repair of fishing gear, search for aquatic animals and plants, operation of fishing gear / fishing machinery, collection of aquatic animals and plants, processing / storage of fish, securing safety and health, etc.)
・ Aquaculture (manufacturing / repairing / managing of aquaculture materials, breeding management / harvesting / processing of aquaculture aquatic plants and animals, ensuring safety and health, etc.)
[2 test categories]
13Food and beverage manufacturing34,000Directly・ Overall food and beverage manufacturing industry (manufacturing and processing of food and beverage (excluding alcohol), health and safety)
[1 test category]
14Restaurant business53,000Directly・ Overall restaurant business (food and drink cooking, customer service, store management)
[1 test category]

(*1 Maximum expected number of acceptance in 5 years from April 2019)