Here, we will briefly explain the test system and application for “Specific Skill 1”.

Japanese skills and skills are required to acquire specific skill No. 1

The status of residence “specific skills” is recognized in 14 fields of industry, and the target is “foreign personnel who have a certain degree of expertise and skills and are ready to use”.
Japanese proficiency required for daily life and work
Skills in each specific field (knowledge and experience necessary for immediate competence with certain expertise / skills) are required to be above a certain level.

To obtain the status of residence for “specific skills,” you must pass both the “skill test” and the “Japanese language test.”
These two types are collectively called the “specific skill evaluation test”.

From April 1, 2020, the content of examinations has been relaxed in domestic examinations.
Foreign nationals with a status of residence (= other than those who do not have a status of residence such as illegal residents) can take the examination regardless of their experience of staying in Japan and the period.
You can take the test even on a “short-term stay” such as a tourist visa, so you have more choices to come to Japan to take the test for sightseeing.
Foreign nationals who are currently visiting Japan as technical interns can also take the exam during the practical training period.

About Japanese test

Common to all fields, passing one of the two tests is mandatory.
Only in the field of nursing care, it is necessary to pass either one of the two tests plus the Japanese language test unique to nursing care (nursing Japanese evaluation test).

Japanese Language Proficiency Test JLPT N4 or above

This is the most famous Japanese language test, and it has been used as a proof of the Japanese ability of foreign workers.
There are five levels of difficulty, N1 to N5, with N1 being the maximum.
Specific skill No. 1 requires N4 or higher (N4 can understand Japanese in daily life).

Japanese Language Proficiency Test JLPT [Japan Foundation / Japan International Education Support Association] Link here

Japan Foundation Basic Test JFTB

This is a new Japanese language test that was completed with the start of the specific skill system.
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is different from JLPT in that it is for specific skills, and it is conducted overseas, so it is frequently conducted.
The options have increased according to the situation of foreign workers.
It has already been implemented in the Philippines and Vietnam.

Basic Japanese test JFTB [Japan Foundation] Click here for link

About proficiency test

Proficiency tests vary greatly in each area.
Among the 14 fields for specific skills, the skill tests for “nursing”, “accommodation”, and “restaurant business” are the most advanced.
For these three fields, there are no graduates who have completed technical internship No. 2 for the time being (added from this time)
In addition, we are particularly focused on the field of nursing care.
Specified Skills No. 1 Since a skill test is essential for accepting foreigners, preparation and establishment of skill tests in these three fields were urgently needed.。
The remaining 11 fields have been sequentially implemented since autumn 2019, but for the time being, the transition from the person who completed the second technical intern training (= exemption from examination) will be the main focus.

When conducting the test in Japan,
(1)International students who have been discharged from school or removed from school
(2)Technical trainee who disappeared
(3)Residents who have a residence status of “specific activity (refugee recognition application)”
(4)Person who is undergoing training with the status of residence “Skill training”
Due to the implications of the status of residence, it is said that the qualification for the proficiency test is not accepted, so be careful.
(Listed in the operating procedures for each specific skill field)

Please refer to the links below for exam schedules in each field.

Although the country of implementation varies depending on the type of industry, proficiency tests are conducted in the Philippines, Vietnam, China and Indonesia. * 2019
The implementation for each field is as follows.

  • Nursing field: Philippines, Vietnam
  • Building cleaning sector: Vietnam
  • Manufacturing fields: Vietnam, China, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand
  • Construction field: Vietnam, Philippines
  • Shipbuilding and ship industry: China
  • Automotive maintenance sector: Vietnam, Philippines
  • Aviation sector: Philippines (aviation ground handling), Mongolia (aircraft maintenance)
  • Accommodation sector: Vietnam, Myanmar
  • Agriculture: China, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar
  • Fisheries sector: Vietnam, China, Philippines (aquaculture), Indonesia (fishery)
  • Food and beverage manufacturing industry: 5 countries such as China and Vietnam
  • Food service sector: Vietnam

Excerpt from the Ministry of Justice website specific skill evaluation test

We mainly introduce “special skills” workers from Philippines and Vietnam to Japanese companies.

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