Workers from foreign countries basically come to Japan alone and in most cases have no relatives or acquaintances in Japan.
Companies also need to prepare for various acceptances. (Housing arrangements, equipment arrangements, loans, etc.)

Equipment you want to prepare in the dormitory, etc.

1.Fixtures and equipment lent to individual workers


  • 1 comforter, 1 comforter, 1 blanket, 1 cushion
  • Bed sheets for comforters and comforters 2, cushion cushion cover 1
  • Bed (preferably)

2)Clothing storage case

  • Fancy case, underwear storage box (case)
  • Closet, 10 hangers


  • Bowl, cup, chopsticks, knife, fork, spoon, plate, bowl


  • Bucket, rag, dish towel 2

2.Equipment provided in each room

1)Air conditioner

  • Air conditioner / fan
  • Oil fan heater (or equivalent heater)

2)lighting equipment

  • In principle, two lighting fixtures of 30 watt class


  • Table, chair, kettle, pot, microwave

3.Equipment to be prepared for the entire dormitory

  1. Washing machine
  2. Drying clothes (poles, hangers)
  3. Vacuum cleaner
  4. Rice cooker
  5. Kitchen equipment
    1. Sink, gas stove, kitchen knife (Nairi, culture), cutting board
    2. Frying pan, pan
    3. refrigerator
  6. Cupboard
  7. Bath with shower
  8. Fire extinguisher


*Living space per person, in principle 7.5 square meters.
*If you provide company housing to Japanese workers, prepare an equivalent space.
*Notify the foreign worker that they are preparing these items, and prepare the other personal items that are necessary.
*If the equipment is clean, it can be used.

We can introduce “specific skill visa” workers from Philippines and Vietnam to Japanese companies.

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