Here’s a brief explanation of what to look out for when hiring a foreign caregiver.

In order for foreign caregivers to become established in the workplace, be aware of the following.

Let’s not cause user’s anxiety

Nursing care is an interpersonal service, and communication in Japanese is essential. Ask foreign caregivers to acquire the required level of Japanese so as not to cause user anxiety.
In addition to the basic jargon, let’s learn the mimetic and onomatopoeic words necessary to understand the complaints of the users, and the words specific to the nursing care site necessary for communication with other staff.

Foreign caregivers are not a cheap labor force

If a foreign caregiver does the same work as a Japanese, let’s give equal treatment. This also applies when hiring international students as part-time jobs.
Observing the Minimum Wage Law is a matter of course, and let’s set the compensation level equal to or higher than the compensation for Japanese employees.

Consider the difference between religion and culture

Depending on the religion that the foreign caregiver believes, diet may be restricted or prayer time may be required.
There are cases where Japanese people have cultures and customs that they are not familiar with. Be sure to check and respect the religion and culture of each employee.

Let’s provide a wide range of support, including daily life

In order for foreign caregivers to work, it is important to prepare the living environment.
It is a good idea to provide support such as securing housing and transportation to the workplace.
See page 5 for life support provided at many nursing homes that employ EPA caregivers.

Let’s consider residence management

Please help us with procedures such as renewal of the period of stay.
You will not be able to work (developing different jobs or moving facilities easily) that deviate from the contents you applied for during the procedure for renewing your period of stay.

Let’s keep a careful explanation in advance to the staff

When hiring a foreigner, it is very important for the staff of the field to work and educate them.
Carefully explain to the staff on site what kind of system you should establish to hire foreigners as a business office, and then carry out recruitment activities.

(From a guidebook for care providers regarding the employment of foreign caregivers)

We also have foreign staff, so we can provide various support.

In addition, we are able to introduce “specific skill” workers from the Philippines and Vietnam to Japanese companies.

Please check the summary item for the detailed contents of “specific skill” workers.

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