Background to the founding

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Our company was founded in 1986 in the coal-making industry in Asia.
During that time, I visited various countries in Asia and continue to supply charcoal for fuel to restaurants in Japan with the help of such Asian people.
At that time, in Asia, we needed to create industries, and we feel that we were able to focus on creating local jobs through our import business.
On the other hand, the domestic market environment is changing drastically due to the shrinking domestic market, declining birthrate and aging population, etc., and there is an oversupply of imported products, resulting in competition for survival due to the absence of consumers.
In addition, we have developed new problems such as the fact that there are no more people to sell or provide services despite the surplus of goods, and we believe that such a shortage of human resources will accelerate in the future.

This time, we were able to get the “Registration Support Organization” from the Ministry of Justice and the “Paid Employment Placement Business” from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Helping foreign workers with certain skills in Asia to join the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises who have headaches due to lack of human resources and build win-win relationships with each other through smooth labor-management relations I would like to let you know.
In addition, I would like to promote the good points of Japan that make you want to work for Asia.

Sun White Taiyo Charcoal Co., Ltd.
 President   Shirasaki Keita
 Administrative scrivener   Hiroki Oguri
Registration support organization (19-No. -001244)
Paid employment placement (29-ユ-300137)


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